Research Papers

Industrial Energy Efficiency

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Energy savings and carbon credits: Opportunities and challenges for Indian foundry industry

Arjunwadkar S H, Pal P, and Sethi G. , 2008

Indian Foundry Journal. 54(10): 33-37.

Energy security in the power sector: need for a holistic approach

Ramanathan K , 2008

ICSD Newsletter 1: 10–12

Key policy considerations for facilitating low carbon technology transfer to developing countries

Ockwell David G, Watson J, MacKerron G, Pal P, Yamin F. , 2008

Energy Policy 36(11): 4104-4115

The Coal Dilemma

Chand S K (ed.) , 2008

New Delhi: TERI. 108 pp.

Towards Cleaner Technologies in Small and Micro Enterprises: A process-based case study of foundry industry in India.

Pal P, Swami S, Sethi G, Nath A. , 2008

Journal of Cleaner Production, 16(12): 1264-1274

Estimation of transmission and distribution losses

Shrivastava M and Bhalla M S , 2007

GRIDTECH 2007 Conference Proceedings, Vol. 1, pp. 225-237 [Approach paper presented at GRIDTECH 2007 Conference, New Delhi, 5-6 February 2007]

Regulatory framework in Indian coal sector

Chand S K and Srivastava N. , 2007

Proceedings of The 2nd Coal Summit 2007: Roadmap for 2 Billion Tonne/Year Coal Production by 2031-32, 10-11 December 2007, pp. 206-210. Edited by M M Seam, N N Gautam, M S Nagar.

Cost of unserved power in Karnataka, India

Bose R K, Shukla M, Srivastava L, Yaron G , 2006

Energy Policy 34 (12): 1434-1447

Economic and social risks associated with implementing CDM projects among SME - a case study of foundry industry in India

Pal P and Sethi G. , 2006

WESCON (Western Region Conference) 2006 (Souvenir], pp. 27-32