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Industrial Energy Efficiency

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Clean coal technologies for green power in India

Abbi Y P , 2009

In 'Proceedings of International Conference on Thermal Power India-3: Present and future technologies – prospects & strategies for sustainable development', New Delhi, India, 19-20 February 2009, pp. 73-94. Organized by the Council of Power Utilities.

Developing GHG emissions inventory

Chidambaram P S , 2009

Executive Training Programme on Business & Climate Change. Organized by TERI University, New Delhi, New Delhi, 18 August 2009

Energy Efficiency improvements in SMEs: TERI?s experience

Pal P. , 2009

Financing of Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy for SMEs. Organized by Bureau of Energy Efficiency and United Nations Industrial Development Organization, New Delhi, 18?19 November 2009.

Energy Efficiency in Metal Casting in Southern India

Pal P. , 2009

The Annual REEEP High-Level Conference at Wilton Park, Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency: Practical Strategies for Making Copenhagen a Success

Energy Efficiency Initiatives amongst Indian SMEs

Pal P. , 2009

Dialogue Forum on Sustainable Energies for Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs). Organized by TERI & InWEnt ? Capacity Building International on behalf of the Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development, New Delhi, 19?21 October 2009.

Environmental message from Asia

Sethi G , 2009

The Eco-products 2009 Symposium. Organized by Japan Environment Management Association of Industry (JEMAI). Tokyo, Japan, 10 December 2009.

Increasing Energy Efficiency: opportunities and challenges for technology diffusion

Sethi G , 2009

International Seminar on Climate Change and Energy Security. Organized by Friedrich Ebert Stiftung, Germany, Beijing, China, 25 April 2009.

India Chiller Sector Experience: Phase out of CFC based chillers and transition to energy efficient options

Sethi G , 2009

Workshop of SEAP and South Asia Network of ODS Officers. Organized by United Nations Environment Program (UNEP), Chiang Mai, Thailand, 9 October 2009.

Promoting environmental services sector in Asia: Resource and energy efficiency services

Sethi G , 2009

International Conference on Green Industry in Asia. Organized jointly by UNEP, UNIDO, UNESCAP and ADB, Manila, 9?11 September 2009.