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Earth Science & Climate Change

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A review of vermifiltration and related low cost alternatives for waste water management

Pathania R, Lakshmi C S, Suresh R , 2013

In:FOSET (Forum of Scientists , Engineers & Technologies), 9th All India people

Carbon stock estimation for tree species of Sem Mukhem sacred forest in Garhwal Himalaya, India

Pala Nazir A, Negi A K, Gokhale Yogesh, Showkat Aziem, Vikrant K K, Todaria N P , 2013

Journal of Forestry Research, September 2013, Vol. 24, Issue 3, pp 457-460

Indoor air quality in the rural India

Gautam S K, R Suresh, Sharma V P and Sehgal M , 2013

Management of Environmental Quality: An International Journal Vol. 24, No. 2, pp.244-255

Proposed plan for disposal of mercury bearing lamps for India

Pandey S, Hooda R, Mishra A , 2013

Global Risk-Based Management of Chemical Additives II, The Handbook of Environmental Chemistry Vol. 23, 2013, pp 419-439

The groundwater recharge response and hydrologic services of tropical humid forest ecosystems to use and reforestation: Support for the "infiltration-evapotranspiration trade-off hypothesis"

Krishnaswamy J, Bonell Michael, Venkatesh Basappa, Purandara Bekal K, Rakesh K N, Lele S, Kirana M C, Reddy Veerabaswant, Badiger S , 2013-08-19

Journal of Hydrology Vol. 498, pp.191-209

A case study for sustainable development action using financial gradients

Bose A, Ramji A, Dholakia D and Singh J , 2012

Energy Policy, Volume 47, Supplement 1, Pages 79-86

A registry of Nationally Appropriate Mitigation Actions: goals, outcomes, and institutional requisites

Linner B-O and Pahuja N , 2012

AMBIO: Journal of the Human Environment. Volume 41, Issue 1, pp.56-67

Atmospheric aerosols at a regional background Himalayan site-Mukteshwar, India

Panwar TS, Hooda RK, Lihavainen H, Hyvarinen AP, Sharma VP, Viisanen Y , 2012-11-17

Environ Monit Assess. 2013 Jun;185(6):4753-64

Climate policy in India: What shapes international, national and state policy?

Atteridge A, Shrivastava M K, Pahuja N, and Upadhyay H , 2012

Journal of the Human Environment. Volume 41, Issue 1,pp.68-77