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Characteristics of the Ozone pollution and its health effects in India

Karthik L Balajee, Sujith Babu, Rizwan Suliankatchi, Sehgal Meena , 2017

International Journal of Medical Public Health. ; Vol7(1): 56-60p.

Emission Factors for Continuous Fixed Chimney Bull Trench Brick Kiln (FCBTK) in India

Suresh R, Kumar Sachin ,Mahtta Richa, Sharma Sumit , 2016

International Journal of Advanced Engineering, Management and Science (IJAEMS), Vol 2 (6):662-670p.

Evaluation of the performance of improved biomass cooking stoves with different solid biomass fuel types

Suresh R, Singh V K, Malik J K, Datta A, Pal R C , 2016

Biomass and Bioenergy, Vol 95 (2016) 27-34p.

Odd even story of Delhi traffic and air pollution

Sehgal, Meena , 2016

International Journal of Environmental Studies, Volume 73, Issue 2, 2016

Sensitivity analysis of ground level ozone in India using WRF-CMAQ models

Sharma Sumit, Chatani Satoru, Mahtta Richa, Goel Anju, Kumar Atul , 2016

Atmospheric Environment, Vol 131(01): 29-40p.

The Effect of Development on the Climate Sensitivity of Electricity Demand in India

Gupta Eshita , 2016

Climate Change Economics, Vol. 7( 2): 1650003-1-16500049 p.

Factors influencing Spatio-temporal Variation of Methane and Nitrous oxide Emission from a Tropical Mangrove of Eastern Coast of India

Chauhan Rita, Datta Arindam, Chauhan R, Ramanathan AL, Adhya T K , 2015

Atmospheric Environment, Vol 107: 95 - 106p.

Long-term changes in soil pH across major forest ecosystems in China

Yang Yuanhe, Li Pin,Honglin He , Zhao Xia, Datta Arindam, Ma Wenhong , Zhang Ying,Liu Xuejun, Han Wenxuan,Wilson C. Maxwell, Fang Jingyun , 2015

Geophysical Research Letter, Vol 42( 3): 933–940p

Rice straw incorporation affects global warming potential differently in early vs. late cropping seasons in Southeastern China

Wang Weiqi, Laic Derrick Y.F. , Sardans Jordi ,Wang Chun , Datta Arindam , Pan Ting, Zeng Congsheng , Bartrons Mireia , Peñuelas Josep , 2015

Field Crops Research, Vol 81: 42-51p.

AFLP markers for analysis of genetic diversity and structure of teak (Tectona grandis) in India

Vivek Vaishnaw, Mohammad Naseer, Wali Syed Arif, Kumar Randhir, Tripathi Shashi Bhushan , Negi Madan Singh , Ansari Shamim Akhtar , 2014

Canadian Journal of Forest Research, 10.1139/cjfr-2014-0279 (online published)