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Solar lanterns for domestic lighting in India: viability of central charging station model

Chaurey A and Khandpal T C , 2009

Energy Policy, Volume 37, Issue 11, 2009, pp.4910-4918

Lighting up lives: solar energy shows the way

Chaurey A , 2008

Akshay Urja, Vol 2 (1): 26-28

Improved cookstove technology for improving kitchen environment and generating livelihood for rural women in India

Pal R C and Rehman I H , 2007

Paper presented at the Third Biennial PCIA Forum in India, Bangalore, 20-23 March 2007

Opportunities through eucalyptus agroforestry for sustainable development in Haryana, India

Bhojvaid P P , 2006

Proceedings of the International Conference on Plantation Eucalyptus: challenge in product development

Promising project: community forestry in Haryana

Chauhan S , 2006

Wastelands News XXI (4): 24-25

Rehabilitation of red mud pond: a pilot study at INDAL, Belgaum

Chauhan S, Sharma J V, Lal B, Paul V , 2006

Indian Forester 132 (5): 534-542

Scope of production forestry in enhancing the carbon mitigation in Haryana, Punjab and Uttar Pradesh in India

Bhojvaid P P , 2006

Production Forestry for Carbon Mitigation, Ashoka Trust for Research in Ecology and the Environment

Sustainable surplus biomass for power generation in Rajgarh taluka of Nahan district, Himachal Pradesh

Chauhan S and Mohapatra K K , 2006

Indian Journal of Forestry 29 (1): 63-68

Clean technologies for quality energy in rural areas

Prasad R, Mirza A, Pal R C. , 2003

Kurukshetra 51(7): 34-37