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Distribution of improved cook stoves: analysis of field experiments using strategic niche management theory

Rehman I H, Kar A, Arora A, Pal R C, Singh L, Tiwari J, and Singh VK , 2012

Sustainability Science (DOI 10.1007/s11625-012-0162-8)

Link between local scale BC emissions in the Indo-Gangetic Plains and large scale atmospheric solar absorption

Praveen P S, Ahmed T, Kar A, Rehman I H, and Ramanathan V , 2012

Atmospheric Chemistry and Physics, Volume 12, pp.1173-1187

Real time assessment of black carbon pollution in Indian households due to traditional and improved cookstoves

Kar A, Rehman I H, Burney J, Puppala S P, Suresh R, Singh L, Singh V K, Ahmed T, Ramanathan N, Ramanathan V , 2012

Environmental Science and Technology, Volume 46, Issue 5, pp.2993-3000

Understanding the political economy and key drivers of energy access in addressing national energy access priorities and policies

Rehman I H, Kar A, Banerjee M, Kumar P, Shardul M, Mohanty J, and Hossain I , 2012

Energy Policy, Volume 47, pp.27-37

A cellphone based system for global monitoring of black carbon

Ramanathan N, Lukac M, Ahmed T, Kar A, Siva P, Honles T, Leong I, Rehman I H, Schauer J and Ramanathan V , 2011

Atmospheric Environment, Volume 4,2011, pp. 4481–4487

Lighting a Billion Lives - Empowering the rural poor

Palit D and Singh J , 2011

Boiling Point Issue 59, 2011

Off-grid rural electrification experiences from South Asia: status and best practices.

Palit D and Chaurey A , 2011

Energy for Sustainable Development. Volume 15, pp.266-276

On-field performance assessment of power converters of solar PV system under different operating conditions

Mohanty P, Bhuvaneswari G, and Balasubramanian R , 2011

Proceedings of IEEE INDICON-Engineering Sustainable Solutions.

The solar transitions research on solar mini-grids in India: learning from local cases of innovative socio-technical systems

Ulsrud K, Winther T, Palit D, Rohracher H, and Sandgren J. , 2011

Energy for Sustainable Development 15: 293-303.

Approach for standardization of off-grid electrification projects

Kumar A, Mohanty P, Palit D, Chaurey A , 2009

Renewable and Sustainable Energy Reviews Vol 13(8): 1946-1956