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Biotechnology and Bioresources

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Molecular tools for tracing arbuscular mycorrhizal fungi (AMF) andplant growth-promoting rhizobacteria (PGPR)

Mathimaran N, Sashidhar B, Srivastava R, Adholeya A, Sharma A K, Aragno M, Wiemken A, Boller T , 2013

ICOM 2013 Proceeding

Recovery of Lipids from Algae

Kannan D C, Pattarkine V M , 2013

Algal Biorefineries, Vol. 1, pp. 297-310, 2014

Sustainable agriculture practices for food and nutritional security

Dhawan V , 2013

Plant Acclimation to Environmental Stress, pp 343-357

Deletion of TnAbaR23 results in both expected and unexpected antibiogram changes in a multidrug-resistant Acinetobacter baumannii strain

Kochar M, Crosatti M, Harrison EM, Rieck B, Chan J, Constantinidou C, Pallen M, Ou HY, Rajakumar K , 2012-01-30

Antimicrob Agents Chemother. 2012 Apr;56(4):1845-53

Differential expression of alp gene and sporulation pattern of Glomus woth Ri-TDNA transformed hairy roots

Puri A, Beri S, Adholeya A , 2012

Conference on International Research on Food Security, Natural Resource Management and Rural Development

Emerging findings in wheat to meet challenges by spot blotch and terminal heat stress in eastern parts of south Asia

Joshi A K, Kumar U, Paliwal R, Kumari M, Chand R, Duveiller E, Braun H J, and Singh R P , 2012

Wheat : Productivity Enhancement Under Climate Change, edited by Singh S S, Hanchinal R R, Singh G, K Sharma R K, Tyagi B S, Saharan M S, and Sharma I.

Expression dynamics of metabolic and regulatory components across stages of panicle and seed development in indica rice

Sharma R, Agarwal P, Ray S, Deveshwar P, Sharma P, Sharma N, Nijhawan A, Jain M, Singh A K, Singh V P, Khurana J P, Tyagi A K, and Kapoor S , 2012

Functional & Integral Genomics

Genomic characterization of drought tolerance related traits in spring wheat

Kumar S, Sehgal S K, Kumar U, Prasad P V V, Joshi A K, and Gill B S , 2012


QTL mapping of terminal heat tolerance in hexaploid wheat (T. aestivum L.)

Paliwal R, Joshi A K, Kumar U, Srivastava J P, and Roder M S , 2012

Theoritical Applied Genetics

Role of microorganisms in remediation of contaminated soil

Das M and Adholeya A , 2012

Microorganisms in Environmental Management, edited by Satyanarayan T, Johri B N and Prakash A. Springer, pp. 81-112