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Environmental and Industrial Biotechnology

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Some physiological responses of Ipomea pestigridis L. to coal smoke pollution

Verma,R B , 2000

Journal of the Indian Botanical Society 79: 66

Transposon-specific amplified loci (TSAL) as an excellent tool for analysing genetic relatedness, wide-hybrid screening and mapping

Lakshmikumaran,M;Sandip,D;Madan,S N; Anandita,S;Sabhyata,B , 2000

In Proceedings of the 6th International Congress of Plant Molecular Biology. [18-24 June 2000]

Variability in azadirachtin: a choice for selection of planting material

Kaushik,N , 2000

Global Neem Update IV(1) : 9-10

Variations in fatty acids composition of the neem seeds collected from Rajasthan State of India

Kaushik,N;Vir,S , 2000

Biochemical Society Transactions 28(6): 882-884