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Environmental and Industrial Biotechnology

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Photo fermentative hydrogen production by a new strain; Rhodobacter sphaeroides CNT 2A, isolated from pond sediment

Subudhi Sanjukta, Mogal Sachin K, Ram Kumar N, Nayaka Tanmay , Lal Banwari, Velankar Harshad , Rajiv Kumar T.A. Rao Peddy V C, Choudary Nettem V, Shah Gitesh, Gandham Sriganesh , 2016

International Journal of Hydrogen Energy Volume 41(32):13979–13985p

Purification and characterization of exopolysaccharide bioflocculant produced by heavy metal resistant Achromobacter xylosoxidans

Subudhi Sanjukta,Bishta Varsha, Batta Neha, Pathak Mihirjyoti, Devi Arundhuti, Lal Banwari , 2016

Carbohydrate Polymers, 137 (2016) 441–451

A Study on Socio-Economic Assessment and Adoption of Scientific Technologies by the Muga Rearers of Assam

Goswami Naba Kumar, Nath Premananda, Saharia Dipankar , 2015

International Journal of Scientific Research, Vol 4(2): 349 - 353p.

Agriculture biomass in India: Part 1. Estimation and characterization

Cardoen Dennis, Joshi Piyush, Diels Ludo , Sarma Priyangshu M, Pant Deepak , 2015

Resources, Conservation and Recycling, Vol 102: 39–48p.

Agriculture biomass in India: Part 2. Post-harvest losses, cost and environmental impacts

Cardoena Dennis, Joshi Piyush, Diels Ludo, Sarma Priyangshu M, Pant Deepak , 2015

Resources, Conservation and Recycling, Vol 101: 143–153p.

Degradation of chlorpyrifos in tropical rice soils

Das Subhasis, Adhya Tapan K , 2015

Journal of Environmental Management, Vol 152: 36-42p.

Development of a microbial process for methane generation from bituminous coal at thermophilic conditions

Rathi Rohit, Priya Anchal, Vohra Mustafa, Lavania Meeta, Lal Banwari, Sarma Priyangshu M , 2015

International Journal of Coal Geology, Vol 147–148: 25–34p.

Implication of composite electrode on the functioning of photo-bioelectrocatalytic fuel cell operated with heterotrophic-anoxygenic condition.

Navaneeth B, Hari Prasad R, Chiranjeevi P, Chandra Rashmi, Sarkar Omprakesh, Verma Anil, Subudhi Sanjukta, Lal Banwari, Venkata Mohan S , 2015

Bioresource Technology, Vol 185: 31–340p.

Inventorization of vascular plant diversity in Amchang Wildlife Sanctuary, Kamrup Metro district, Assam

Kar Ashish, Borah R, Goswami Naba Kumar, Saharia Dipankar , 2015

Indian Journal of Applied Research , Vol 5(2): 48 - 60p.

Role of seed and kernel size, thickness and weight on oil content in Jatropha curcus L., - a study with Northeast India accessions

Goswami Naba Kumar, Saharia Dipankar, Kar Ashish , 2015

Paripex-Indian Journal of Research, Vol 4 (1): 1-3p.