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Energy Environment Technology Development

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Treatment of nitrate-rich water in a baffled membrane bioreactor (BMBR) employing waste derived materials

Basu Subhankar, Singh Saurabh K, Tewari Prahlad K, Batra Vidya S, Balakrishnan Malini , 2014

Journal of Environmental Management, Vol 146: 16–21p.

Assessment of Volume Change in East Rathong Glacier, Eastern Himalaya

Agrawal A, Tayal S , 2013

International Journal of Geoinformatics, Vol 9, No 1, (2013)

Design improvements and performance testing of a biomass gasifier based electric power generation system

Raman P, Ram N K , 2013

Biomass and Bioenergy Vol. 56, Sep. 2013, pp. 555-571

Development and characterisation of HDPE/EPDM-g-TMEVS blends for mechanical and morphological properties for engineering applications

Divya V, Pattanshetti V, Suresh R and Bhattacharya R R N Sailaja , 2013

Journal of Polymer Research, Feb 2013, Vol. 20 Issue 2, p1

Development of HDPE/EPDM-g-TMEVS nanocomposites with enhanced electrical and flame properties

V C Divya, V V Pattanshetti, R Suresh, R R N Sailaja Bhattacharya , 2013-10-05

Journal of Applied Polymer Science, Vol. 130 Issue 1 pp. 352-358

Enterprise GIS and Smart Electric Grid for India

Dutt A, Mohanty P , 2013

Innovative Smart Grid Technologies (ISGT), 2013 IEEE PES

Expanding Rural Energy Access and Improving Agro Industrial Energy Efficiency through Targeted Interventions

Fernandes S , 2013

2013 World Sustainable Energy Days conference publication in Wels, Austria

Off-grid electricity generation with renewable energy technologies in India: An application of HOMER

Sen R , 2013-08-23

Renewable Energy, Vol. 62, August 2013, pp. 388-398

Performance evaluation of three types of forced draft cook stoves using fuel wood and coconut shell

Raman P, J Murali J, Sakthivadivel D, Vigneswaran V S , 2013

Biomass and Bioenergy Vol.49, February 2013, pp. 333-340