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Study of thermal efficiency of steam boilers at sugar mills

Pramanik, D , 2000

In Proceedings: National Seminar on energy energy audit, conservation and cogeneration for sugar industries. [Kanpur, 26 December 2000, organized by National Sugar Institute]

Ultrafiltration of sugarcane juice with spiral wound modules: on-site pilot trials

Gosh,A M;Balakrishnan,M;Dua,M;Bhagat, J J , 2000

Journal of Membrane Science 174(2): 205-216

Renewable sources of energy: prospects and policies

Pachauri, R K , 1998

Yojana 42(1): 23-26

Solar pond: experience and barriers in development of indigeneous technology in India

Kishore VVN, Kumar Amit , 1996

Energy for Sustainable Development, Vol3(1):17-28p.