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Energy Environment Technology Development

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Ecobiotechnological Strategy to Enhance Efficiency of Bioconversion of Wastes into Hydrogen and Methane?

Kumar Prasun, Pant Dinesh Chander, Sanjeet Mehariya, Sharma Rishi, Kansal Arun, Kalia Vipin C , 2014

Indian Journal of Microbiology, Vol 54(3): 262-267p.

Improved test method for evaluation of bio-mass cook-stoves

Raman P, Ram N K , Murali Janakrajan , 2014

Energy, Vol 71: 479-495p.

MATLAB based modeling to study the performance of different MPPT techniques used for solar PV system under various operating conditions

Mohanty Parimita, Bhuvaneswari G, Balasubramanian R, Dhaliwal Navdeep Kaur , 2014

Renewable and Sustainable Energy Reviews ,38: 581–593p.

Microwave assisted synthesis of guar gum grafted sodium acrylate/cloisite superabsorbent nanocomposites: reaction parameters and swelling characteristics

Likhitha M, Sailaja R R N, Priyambika V S , Ravibabu M V , 2014

International Journal of Biological Macromolecules, Vol 65: 500-508p.

Preliminary feasibility evaluation of solar thermal power generation in India

Sundaray Sudhakar , Kandpal Tara C , 2014

International Journal of Sustainable Energy, Vol 33 (2): 461-469p

Room temperature solvent free aza-Michael reactions over nano-cage mesoporous materials?

Kalita Pranjal, Pegu Choitayna Dev, Dutta Prantu , Baruah Pranjal K , 2014

Journal of Molecular Catalysis A: Chemical Vol 394:145–150p.

Thermogravimetric analysis and kinetic modelling studies of selected agro-residues and biodiesel industry wastes for pyrolytic conversion to bio-oil

Mukherjee Agneev, Das Piyali, Minu K. , 2014

Biomass Conversion and Biorefinery,Vol 4(3): 259-268 p.