Press Releases

  • TERI hosts an exhibition of Resource and Energy Efficient Campus Designs

    28 March 2008

    Designs are a showcase of architectural schemes for the forthcoming TERI School of Management (SoM) at TERI Gram.

    As part of its planned growth and expansion, The Energy and Resources Institute intends to impart an earth wide outlook through a system of education that would enable audible thinking towards global sustainable development. The forthcoming School of Management (SoM) at TERI Gram would provide vanguard facilities to over three hundred students and faculty and create an environment that would encourage hands and feet to move in unison with hearts and minds that have a deep commitment to ethical actions.

    TERI invited six architectural firms to prepare environmentally conscious campus designs for the upcoming SoM. An exhibition of the architectural schemes was put up at the TERI Head office at Lodhi Road.

    Commenting on the exhibition, Dr Leena Srivastava, Executive Director, TERI said, “By providing a living environment that is fully integrated within its eco-system and that is a conscious demonstration of efficient utilization of all resources, we would like to ensure that our students have sustainability concepts deeply ingrained in them.”

    The proposed campus would provide leading edge computer and library facilities, an auditorium, residential accommodation for students, faculty and other staff; and classrooms that would facilitate lively discussions and tutorials during the course of education.

    The architectural brief required the existing facilities to be integrated with the proposed campus for TERI SoM. The new buildings at the campus would be GRIHA compliant (i.e. compliant with the Green Rating for Integrated Habitat Assessment- a tool developed by TERI and endorsed by the Government of India as the national building rating system). GRIHA provides an integrated approach to design of green buildings in the Indian context, with primary focus and emphasis on energy efficiency aspects of building design and operation.

    The existing facilities and constructs at TERI Gram have been designed to register minimum impact on the environment. In addition to the RETREAT (Resource Efficient TERI Retreat for Environmental Awareness and Training), which is a residential training facility for executives, there exists a TERI Renewable Energy Ensemble (TREE), the Micropropagation Technology Park (MTP), a weather monitoring cell, a bioreactor and a biomass gasifier on campus. As a living demonstration of eco-sustainability, pollution free electric vehicles are used for commuting on campus. In addition to avoiding the use of fossil fuels for transport, development of a solar PV based charging station for the same, further enhances the eco-friendly character of the Gram.

    The participating architects who are displaying their designs for the new campus are from Space Matters, Architects’ Studio, Space Matrix Design Consultants, Morphogenesis Architecture Studio Ltd., Mind Space and SPA Design Private Limited.

    The architectural schemes put up for display, model resource and energy efficient campus designs that would encourage thoughtful action amongst individuals experiencing the tranquil ambience of TERI Gram. A development of such scale may have an impact even on other future development in the National Capital Region. The development would be a demonstration model for other institutes and corporate houses. As one of its kind exposition of green campus design, it may direct/ impact prospective growth of the region as a whole.