Press Releases

  • Nancy Pelosi - US Speaker

    20 March 2008

    The Speaker of the House in the US, third in line of succession to the White House, Hon'able Ms Nancy Pelosi, met Dr R K Pachauri, Director General, The Energy and Resources Institute (TERI) and Chairman IPCC, to discuss major issues related to Climate Change in India and the various options that can engage both side of the world to tackle its impact and the potential human costs of climate change.

    A brain storming session for the Hon'able speaker and the US delegation accompanying Ms Pelosi, which consisted of thirty two members, comprising of Congressmen, senior Army staff and congressional staff, was held at the Resource Efficient Retreat for Environmental Awareness and Training or the TERI - RETREAT, an eco-friendly and sustainable development campus on the outskirts of Delhi.

    The areas of interest which were discussed between the US delegation and the staff of TERI were:

    1. Where does the world need to go from COP 13 onwards on the future climate change regime?
    2. Stakeholder's impressions and recommendations on existing and future US position.
    3. What role developing countries and industarlised countries need to play for an effective climate change regime?
    4. Feasibility of various options on architecture of future Climate Change regime to be based on 'pledge and review approach' compared to 'cap and trade' approach.