Press Releases

  • GTZ and TERI partner to felicitate corporate efforts towards HIV/AIDS: Corporate initiatives recognised for the first time

    22 August 2006

    In order to co-opt the private sector in the fight against HIV/AIDS, TERI, in association with GTZ (German Technical Cooperation), has announced an exclusive award for business engagement in the area of HIV/AIDS interventions as part of the TERI Corporate Awards.

    The contribution from the private sector has been recognised as a crucial link, along with government and civil society support to strengthen India's course to further development. The HIV/AIDS award will be a first time effort in India to recognise and encourage the efforts of the private sector; and at the same time highlight the gravity of the epidemic among other stakeholders.

    The award will acknowledge and felicitate the efforts of companies that have successfully launched and executed HIV/AIDS interventions programmes, either at their workplace, community or supply chain.

    Talking about the award, Dr R K Pachauri, Director-General, TERI, said, "The award will encourage participation of the private sector in launching HIV/AIDS intervention programmes and will increase awareness and solutions to this growing pandemic. With exceptional work being recognized, the award will also motivate those not yet active to get involved. Companies, while reporting on their HIV/AIDS initiatives, will be able to gauge and evaluate their own strengths and weaknesses."

    Country Director, GTZ, Dr Rolf Suelzer said, "GTZ is proud to be associated with the TERI corporate award on business response to HIV/AIDS for the coming year. From our experiences around the world, we believe that mainstreaming the private sector in the fight against HIV/AIDS is essential. To me, the involvement of the private sector is an indication of motivation and commitment towards its employees and the nation."

    The initiatives of all winners will be later published in a special compendium titled Best practices for HIV/AIDS interventions in the Indian Industry. This compendium will detail the overall work programmes of each of the winners. It will also act as a source of information and guidance to new participating corporates. The award will further act as a medium to disseminate private sector best practices to a large audience.