Press Releases

  • Earth Day 2004

    22 April 2004

    The Lt. Governor of Delhi, Mr Vijai Kapoor, today said that Delhites must take interest in something interesting happening in their backyard like two bio-diversity parks. It has been specially designed and might change the way city dwellers relax. One park stretches from Grand Hotel in Vasant Kunj to Rao Tula Marg in Vasant Vihar. This will be a dry eco-system in a sprawling area of 700 acres. The flora and fauna here would have the characteristics of a desert. The Yamuna Bio-diverstity Park would be spread out in an area of 157 acres and will have varies species that are found along the riverbed. Apart from this, there is another huge park build on a sanitary landfill that will be three kilometers long. It starts from the Sarai Kale Khan bus terminus and ends at the Pragati Maidan end.

    Kapoor was addressing the students of various Delhi schools at the Earth Day celebrations organized by The Energy and Resources Institute (TERI) here today.

    Over 600 students from nearly 100 schools took part in various events to celebrate Earth Day that TERI organized.

    Dr Pradipto Ghosh, Secretary, Ministry of Environment and Forests told the children that as they moved into various professions in the years to come, they must make environment as a part of their consciousness. They would always have the dilemma of choosing between economic growth and environment conservation, but environment was after all, a part of the life support on earth, he said.

    Mr Robert O. Blake, U S Deputy Chief of Mission said that the United States-Asia Patnership was active in India. The partnership ensured that they provided tools needed for cleaner and more efficient cities and industries, improve air quality, make energy use cleaner and improve waste management.

    Mr Kewal Khanna, President, Agilent Technologies India which supported the Earth Day celebrations, that the company was committed to bring real and sustainable progress.

    Addressing the children, Dr R K Pachauri, Director-General, TERI, said: "The life of the earth lies in your hands and it is for all of you to correct the adults and to be on the right path yourself."

    The first earth day was celebrated 34 years ago and it marked the beginning of the modern environment movement.