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  • TERI Launches the INSTEP Fund: INSTEP Fund - A integrated technological approach for the rural development

    17 March 2005

    TERI has today announced a unique "INSTEP fund" for the expatriate Indians and all other interested groups. INSTEP (Integrating New and Sustainable Technologies for Elimination of Poverty) is a vehicle that will deliver a package of technology based solutions to meet the various needs of a community through schemes like "Adopt a Village". INSTEP believes that a combination of technology-based solutions will bring higher benefits rather than isolated interventions.

    One in every four Indians still lacks the most fundamental of human needs-clean drinking water, shelter, electricity, and basic health care. INSTEP conceptualised by Dr R K Pachauri, Director General of TERI draws upon TERI's three decades of experience gathered at the grass-roots level to understand and provide sustainable solutions for these problems. INSTEP's aim is to enable all rural communities to be self-reliant and develop capabilities for removal of poverty. In order to deliver better livelihoods to millions of people below the poverty line INSTEP focuses on ensuring delivery of clean drinking water, energy, health care, education and sanitation services to each and every citizen.

    On the occasion of launch of the INSTEP fund for the non-resident Indian community and all other interested groups Dr R K Pachauri, Director General of TERI said, "India, with its billion-plus population, faces a huge development challenge. INSTEP hopes to create a platform where partnerships among the government, industry, individuals, and civil society can be forged and strengthened to combat poverty."

    "TERI's experience at the grass-roots level, over the years has shown that the national programmes targeting poverty have offered technology solutions in isolation, thereby depriving the rural masses of possible multiple benefits through the integration of various technologies. With the above mandate TERI has developed and implemented the INSTEP programme, with an overall objective of improving the quality of life of the rural people," he further added.

    While presenting the "INSTEP" programme, Dr Leena Srivastava, Executive Director of TERI said "Through the INSTEP Fund, TERI hopes to make a beginning with fortunate individuals, institutions and corporations who have attained significant success amidst the progressive settings of the developed world towards wiping a frown from a troubled visage and bringing a smile to a sad face."