Press Releases

  • The four-day International Conference on Digital Libraries (ICDL 2004) came to a close with the setting up of four working committees to prepare a road map for digitization of data, voice and images

    27 February 2004

    The working committees will look into the issues of Resources, Technology, User Identification, and Policy and Management. A committee on Economics and Sustainability will be formed later. Prof. N Balakrishnan, Chairperson of the working committees said: "The Resources group would primarily work towards creating a unified portal that would be a window to India. The Technology group would look at technologies for scanning and standardization. It will also look for multiple language interface." He said that the task of the User group would be to evolve ways to express the needs of the digitization community in India on world forums. "We expect a 250 Crore investment for this purpose in the next three years." He said.

    Delivering the Keynote address R R Shah, Secretary, Planning Commission, Govt. Of India said digitization has developed a common denominator through which data, voice and image all three of them can be expressed. A digital library is a confluence of all three media of knowledge. Digitisation defies physical boundaries and enables universal accessibility. "The frescoes of Ajanta and Ellora, classics of Tamil and Bangla and the best of folk music would be accessible to all." He said.

    R R Shah said that for all activities related to digitization of scriptures and literature Department of Culture, Govt. Of India would be the nodal agency.

    Dhanendra Kumar, Secretary, Department of Culture, Govt. of India said that that the best part of this conference is that it succeeded in bringing about some action plan for the future. What now needs to be done is to implement it.

    ICDL 2004 is rated as world's largest conference on digitization. The conference was organized by The Energy and Resrouces Institute (TERI) and the Department of Culture, Government of India. Mr Vinod Bhargava, Associate Director, TERI welcomed the delegates to the valedictory session. Vote of thanks was proposed by Mr Debal C Kar of TERI.