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  • TERI encourages youth to work towards the global vision and global challenge to protect the environment on Earth Day 2010

    21 April 2010

    In association with North Delhi Power Limited (NDPL), Delhi Jal Board (DJB) Hewlett Packard (HP) and National Science Centre (NSC) a series of activities on were built around the theme "Protecting our Environment: Young India speaks"

    The growing trend of urbanisation coupled with steep increase in human population has led to immense pressure on our various environmental resources and the green cover. Thus, to protect the environment there is an urgent need to sensitise the masses especially the school students. It is imperative they play a proactive role in addressing key environmental issues and are sensitised to mitigate and adapt to these changes.

    The Energy and Resources Institute (TERI) has been generating awareness amongst the students and youth by celebrating the Earth Day with a key theme since the year 1998. On the 40th anniversary of the international Earth day, TERI In association with North Delhi Power Limited (NDPL), Delhi Jal Board (DJB) Hewlett Packard (HP) and National Science Centre (NSC) celebrated Earth day by involving school children with an emphasis to create a holistic outlook towards our mother earth. A series of activities were built around the theme "Protecting our Environment: Young India speaks". Present on the occasion were, Hon'ble Chief Minister of Delhi Smt Sheila Dikshit, Shri Sunil Wadhwa, CEO, NDPL, and Dr R K Pachauri, Director General, TERI and Mr Ramesh Negi CEO DJB along with students and teachers from Delhi, Bangalore, Chennai and Harayana.

    Congratulating TERI, under the able leadership of Dr R K Pachauri for creating awareness towards climate change and related issues, Delhi CM, Smt Sheila Dikshit, while emphasizing that maintenance of environment is of utmost importance for the whole mankind, urged students and people present at the occasion to exercise self control in consumption and use natural resources judiciously. She said "We should observe efficiency in use of natural resources that we have and there is an immediate need to become eco-friendly rather than aping the west blindly. Indian civilization has always been environment friendly and as leaders of tomorrow children must take special interest in following our traditions of living with modesty and compassion and help in spreading the message to the masses to protect our mother Earth which beholds us with love and affection."

    Talking about the genesis of Earth Day and its inception 40 years ago and the role of youth in protecting the environment, Dr R K Pachauri, said, "Earth Day represents a global vision and global challenge that mankind is facing. Earth Day is a collective expression of public will to create a sustainable society. Earth Day activities, since 1970, have educated and mobilized people worldwide for environmental protection and it is with this vision TERI believes in catching the young minds and orienting them towards environmental stewardship. Students being the citizens of tomorrow will be most impacted by present actions around the world. They have the most to lose if action is not taken today. Thus through these activities the intention was to create a wider consensus about the impact of environmental degradation. It is important to ensure that they play a proactive role in addressing key environmental issues around them." Dr Pachauri urged students and all guests at the National Science centre to initiate small steps like switching off lights, using public transport, intelligent utilisation of air-conditioning systems, e-wate management, say no to plastics, etc-- at their level to help averse the impacts of climate change.

    Speaking on the relevance of such partnerships, Mr Sunil Wadhwa, said, "Energy and environment conservation are two key issues which need urgent attention across the world at all levels from various quarters. We have been actively involved in sensitizing school children in our distribution network about energy conservation through our Energy Club programme. We are confident that awareness programmes such as these will help spread the message to a larger section of the society and influence more people to come forward and contribute towards protecting our environment for our future generations."

    Through activities on this day, TERI and other partnering organisations aimed to educate and mobilise students and general public on environmental protection. To inspire them to take action at personal, community, national and at international levels through various activities such as painting, debate competitions, quiz, and dance competitions. The assembled children also pledged to restore the rich bounties of nature by planting trees in schools and neighborhoods; eliminate the differences between the rich and the poor, the rural and the urban, and the privileged and the underprivileged; do their share in saving the Planet by letting their concern for the environment show in all activities; and to create a sustainable environment.

    TERI has been celebrating Earth Day with children for the past twelve years with support from various Government and non government organizations. Ministry of Environment and Forests has rendered continuos support and guidance for this initiative. Activities were being conducted as part of Earth Day celebrations from 15th April onwards till 22nd April. Around 150 schools participated in this week long exercise. A nnationwide paper bag making campaign will be held on held on 22nd April in schools across the country to mark Earth day. Approximately 10 lac students will be participating in this competition and the results of the same can be seen at