Press Releases

  • TERI launches Specialised Library on Climate Change

    12 June 2009

    Climate change is one of the most contentious international environmental issues today. Its consequences have been strongly highlighted by the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC), various governments and premier institutes like The Energy and Resources Institute (TERI). Thus, it is imperative to study about such issues in great detail to understand its effects on our lives. TERI Library and Information Centre (LIC) have set up a 'Specialized Library on Climate Change' (SLCC) to spread awareness and information on climate change. SLCC was inaugurated by HE Ann Ollestad, Ambassador of Norway to India in the presence of Dr Pachauri, Director-General TERI and other distinguished fellows of TERI.

    While inaugurating the library, HE Ann Ollestad, said "I am happy to note that a Special Library on Climate Change (SLCC) is being established. It will in due course, I am sure, develop as a repository of valuable information resources and services in the subject area that would be readily available to researchers, policy makers and business organizations dealing with climate change issues. I would like to extend my complement to TERI for having conceptualized the need for such a library and wish them all the best."

    Following the inauguration, HE Ann Ollestad was briefed about the scope and function of SLCC by Mr Rajesh Bhardwaj, Fellow TERI.

    SLCC aspires to fulfill the following objectives;

    • Function as a resource center for collection and dissemination of information to the focused group of users;
    • To develop and provide access to information and online resources - databases.
    • To promote resource sharing and networking by establishing linkages with national and international organizations on climate change and energy security.