Press Releases

  • Distinguished Economist Dr Badal Mukhopadhyay joins TERI University

    12 March 2009

    TERI University is honoured to have Dr. Badal Mukhopadhyay as the Professor of Economics. He is a well-known academician, who has taught and headed prestigious institutions like Delhi School of Economics and IILM (Institute of Integrated Learning in Management). He has been a Visiting Professor in several renowned foreign institutions like Vanderbilt University USA, Sydney University Australia, University of Witwatersrand South Africa and Johns Hopkins University USA. He completed his doctoral degree under the guidance of eminent scholar Mr. Paul Samuelson from Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

    He has extensively contributed in the field of economics and has written and reviewed several books and articles. His well known works are 'Mathematical Models for Economic Analysis', ‘Theory of the Firm in a Zero Interest Rate Economy’ and 'Theory of Economic Growth: The Tradition of Ricardian Dynamics' among others.