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  • TERRAQUIZ is on Doordarshan

    In the melee of family serials that crowd various television channels, here is some good news for children. Doordarshan (National) will have a new quiz show- TERRAQUIZ. Produced by TERI (The Energy and Resources Institute), the 13 part environmental quiz will beam its first episode on 17 May 2003 at 3 pm. In its fourth consecutive year, this year too, the show is being anchored by famous Theatre and TV personality, Sanjana Kapoor. The programme is being sponsored by the Ministry of Environment and Forests and Hero Honda. The winners of this quiz, The Hero Honda Environmental Ambassadors 2002 will broaden and deepen environmental awareness among fellow students.

    TERRAQUIZ is the final chapter of testing the environmental IQ of schoolchildren. The exercise began with GREEN Olympiad - an annual international environmental exam. Sixty-four students from the top performing 32 schools in the GREEN Olympiad participated in this year's TERRAQUIZ. The GREEN Olympiad this year witnessed a participation of over 40,000 students from India and abroad.

    The questions for TERRAQUIZ originated from topics of daily concern, local as well as global. Attractive audiovisuals imparted a unique flavour to this quiz. The unique structure of this programme questioned both students and viewers, simultaneously educating them.

    The quiz had four rounds in all. The 'Red Herring' or the audio visual round; 'Elementary' which is the direct questions round; 'Incognito' where one word was given to one team member and the others had to decipher it. Last but not the least was 'Without a clue' which is the rapid fire questions round.

    The students for this environmental exercise are from the length and breadth of the country, places as remote Leh, Bacheli and Tenga Valley. And Doordarshan is the ideal channel to reach out to the remote corners and educate the young minds. For the idea behind this endeavor is to educate and sensitize young minds about the importance of environment and the need for us to protect it from further degradation. This is also an attempt to develop their thought process to enable them analyze environmental issues critically.