Press Releases

  • Climate Change Media Seminar in Guwahati

    20 November 2008

    A media seminar for journalists on Climate Change Challenge and its relevance for the North-east, organized by The Energy Research Institute, Centre for North East Studies and Policy Research and the Knight International Fellowships Program, is proposed for 21 and 22 November 2008 at the TERI Centre in Hengrabari.

    Resource persons include Dr Dulal Goswami and Dr. Parimal Bhattacharya of Guwahati University, Dr Chandan Mahanta of IITG, Dipankar Saharia of TERI, Ms. Mitra Kalita of the Wall Street Journal, Sanjoy Hazarika of C-NES, Arul Louis, former News Editor of the Daily News, New York and Knight Fellow, and Mr O P Pandey, CCF, Department of Forests.

    Issues to be discussed include "Science, facts and realities" and "Impact of climate change on the North-east" and a field trip to the TERI watershed area site at Khetri is planned.