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  • Dr R K Pachauri conferred with Climate Protection Award by EPA: US Environmental Protection Agency honours Climate Change and Ozone Layer Protection award winners

    29 May 2008

    The prestigious Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) of the United States has honoured Dr R K Pachauri, Chairman IPCC and Director General, The Energy and Resources Institute (TERI) for his outstanding efforts and impeccable leadership in spreading the awareness about the importance of environmental issues to protect the Earth's climate. Along with Dr Pachauri 39 other individuals, organizations and companies from around the world were awarded the Climate Change and Ozone Layer award for their efforts to protect the Earth's climate and stratospheric ozone layer.

    The award recipients have demonstrated ingenuity and leadership by reducing greenhouse gas emissions, negotiating international agreements to protect the ozone layer and climate, and have spread awareness about the importance of these issues.

    “Efforts to help restore the ozone layer and fight climate change will benefit the planet for generations to come,” said Bob Meyers, Principal Deputy Assistant Administrator for EPA's Office of Air & Radiation. “We commend the 2008 Climate and Ozone Layer Protection Award winners for their work to protect our environment.”

    The 2008 Climate Protection Award winners have contributed greatly to scientific understanding of climate change and its impacts on human health and the environment. They have also generated on-site wind and solar power, increased energy efficiency, introduced new technologies to reduce greenhouse gas emissions from mining, and slashed the use of potent greenhouse gases.

    The 2008 Stratospheric Ozone Layer Protection Award winners have strengthened the international Montreal Protocol on Substances that Deplete the Ozone Layer. The Protocol now calls for a faster phase-out of ozone depleting substances called HCFCs, which are also potent greenhouse gases. The winners are also responsible for the eliminating ozone-depleting substances in medical, agricultural, aviation, and shipping applications where alternatives are difficult to implement.

    The 10th annual Climate and Ozone Layer Protection Awards were presented at the Kennedy Center in Washington, DC. Since the annual Ozone Layer Protection Awards began in 1990, EPA has honored 533 recipients from 46 different countries.