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  • 'Synergizing the built environment with the earth

    Inefficient energy consumption patterns by most government buildings result in a whopping energy financial loss of about Rs150 crore a year. Union Power Secretary R V Shahi said the government buildings on an average, waste 20-25 per cent of the total electricity consumed which works out to Rs 600 crore per year.

    "The loss I have mentioned here accounts only for the electricity wastage. In addition, other energy forms like gas and water supply will make the number looking really big," he said at the launch of Teri Green Building Rating System (TGBRS), here today. Stressing on the need to enter into an era of "non-penal compliance on energy efficient methods", Mr. Shahi pointed out that had the country been efficiently using the available resources, there would not have any shortage of power. "Today, the peak shortage is 15 per cent and base shortage is 10 per cent. On the other hand, our energy wastage is in the region of 20 per cent. Had we been prudent with our energy wastage, there would not have been any power shortage."

    He said that it was important to have concepts like Green Building Ratings and that by doing it, TERI had done something that would have far reaching consequences.

    TGBRS, is a novel concept introduced in India by Teri to address the issue of inefficient use and wastage of precious energy resources. The scheme envisages attributing points on five parameters of sustainable design. Buildings that score high on these parameters will be accorded Star Rating. The parameters that will be considered for sustainable design are Site Planning, Building Envelope, Building Systems, Water and Waste Management, and Green Design Practices. Introducing the concept, Teri director general Dr. R K Pachauri said it was high time town planners and architects and builders attached top most priority to energy savings.

    Speaking at the occasion noted architect Raj Rewal said that in India we were far behind when it comes to eco - technology. He added that in future architects while designing buildings should try and use non -polluting energy sources. "Buildings in northern India have been grappling with the situation of having to reduce heat during summers and increase heat during winters. Though architects of our generation have been working on several methods, only a rating system would eventually bring out the final outcome of our efforts," he said.