Project Profile

Project Title Development of sludge free, clean, green and cost-effective technology at bench-scale for treatment of textile and dyeing industry effluent
Project Code 2017RE22
Project Status Ongoing
Start Date July 2017
Sponsor(s) ONGC Energy Centre,Department of Science & Technology (DST)

The main objectives of this project are:

To develop a bench scale photocatalytic reactor (PCR) specifically targeting such organic dyes which are in dissolved state, highly toxic, recalcitrant/non-biodegradable in nature and constitution, present in the effluent of textile & dyeing Industry.

To work on PCR design and working parameters like hydraulics, radiation flux, intensity and distribution; dosing, kinetics, recovery, regeneration and reuse of nanomaterials; eco-toxicological effect, overall efficiency and techno-economic feasibility of overall treatment trail.

PCR design, operation and efficiency will be periodically checked by comparing pre and post treated waste water quality parameters like odour, colour, pH, BOD, COD, TSS, TDS, TOC, alkalinity, heavy metals, sulphates, phosphates, oil and grease etc.