Project Profile

Project Title Assess the impact of developmental activities on the lakes of Hyderabad
Project Code 2016WM06
Project Status Ongoing
Start Date January 2017
Sponsor(s) Govt of Telangana
Division Water Resources and Forestry

In line with the terms of reference of the committee, the proposed objectives of the study are:
1. To assess the impact of watershed developmental activities and changes in urban/ peri-urban land use on water resources of the two lakes, Osmansagar and Himayathsagar
2. To understand the role and share of Osmansagar and Himayathasagar lakes in drinking water supply to Hyderabad urban and peri-urban areas and the alternate uses which these two lakes can be put to use
3. To study the developments which have taken place in the catchment of lakes after G.O.Ms. No. 111, including changes in land use from agriculture, forest and tree cover to built uses and polluting industries
4. To evaluate the socio-economic context of the two lakes and impacts of G.O.Ms. No. 111 on the local community
5. To study the legal and constitutional validity of G.O.Ms. No. 111 on the basis of the review of relevant judgments by the higher judiciary
6. To review the existing policy, regulatory and institutional mechanisms for the protection of Himayathsagar and Osman Sagar and to identify gaps, if any.