Project Profile

Project Title Life cycle assessment of Hot Mix and Cold Mix technologies for Construction and Maintenance of Rural Roads
Project Code 2016UD02
Project Status Ongoing
Start Date July 2016
Sponsor(s) National Rural Roads Development Agency
Division Sustainable Habitat

Rural roads in India have conventionally been constructed using hot mix technology. Hot mix asphalt is a tried and tested road construction material, which meets several requirements of Indian road conditions and traffic loads. This road construction technology, however, has impacts in terms of on-site emissions, high requirements of energy to heat bitumen to temperatures up to 150-160º Celsius, impacts on health and safety of construction workers etc., which all need to be addressed in order to ensure minimum impacts on human and environmental health. One of the commercially available construction technologies, which promises to reduce several energy, environment and health impacts of hot mix technology is the CRRI-Bitchem cold mix technology, which has recently developed single layer continuously graded pre-mix carpeting (CGPC). Already been used in construction of more than 4,000 km of rural roads, the technology offers an opportunity to assess and compare the two available construction technologies for rural roads.
The project aims to study these two technology applications for rural roads’ construction and maintenance works in India in order to estimate and compare their life cycle cost, energy consumption, GHG and criteria pollutants generation, material consumption, impacts on safety and health of construction workers and population, road maintenance requirements, and project implementation requirements.