Project Profile

Project Title Updating State Biodiversity Strategy and Action Plan (SBSAP) of Uttarakhand and Aligning it with National Biodiversity Action Plan (NBAP)
Project Code 2016SF10
Project Status Ongoing
Start Date November 2016
Sponsor(s) Uttarakhand Biodiversity Board

The State Biodiversity Board of Uttarakhand under an initiative of Government of India and UNDP has assigned the task of preparing the Uttarakhand State Biodiversity Action Plan aligned to the National Biodiversity Action Plan and the National Biodiversity Targets to TERI, New Delhi. Apart from updating and aligning the SBSAP, other deliverables include preparing a Biodiversity Finance Plan including costing of the implementation of the actionable points of the SBSAP and sources of funding these actionable points, Inventory of public and private (scientific) research institutions that require access to the biological and genetic resources of the State and Capacity building of identified research institutions on Access to Benefit Sharing.