Project Profile

Project Title Development of intumescent fire retardant (IFR) nano-composites for medium voltage cable sheathing applications
Project Code 2016RE23
Project Status Ongoing
Start Date February 2017
Sponsor(s) Central Power Research Institute

In this study, polyolefinic nanocomposites of PP/EVA/EPDM, HDPE/EVA/EPDM and LLDPE/HDPE/EVA/EPDM will be developed. The APP used will be grafted with silane based POSS product to improve its hydrophobicity. Nanoclay and MWCNT will also be grafted with POSS after functionalization. These modified nanoparticles will be used along with modified APP to enhance fire retardancy properties. These additives will be optimized for both mechanical properties and fire retardancy characteristics. Compatibilizing additives will also be added to enhance interfacial adhesion. The developed nanocomposites will be tested for fire retardancy for low to medium voltage cable sheaths.