Project Profile

Project Title Strategies for Designing Sustainable Projects for Livelihood and Income Enhancement of the North Eastern states of India
Project Code 2016NA25
Project Status Ongoing
Start Date December 2016
Sponsor(s) North Eastern Council Secretariat
Division Environmental and Industrial Biotechnology

Despite being endowed with rich natural resources and biodiversity, the overall development trajectory of North Eastern India is far below rest of India. The entire region faces challenges of poor infrastructure, sustained conflict, militarisation and migration.The eight states of NE have not fully succeeded in converting its potential into growth opportunities for the well-being of the people. Hence, it is urgent that adequate steps are taken to break the vicious cycle of underdevelopment, food deficit, poverty, health disparity and regional imbalance. Interventions to enhance livelihoods and incomes are much needed to achieve this `development¿.
Objectives of the proposal are:
1. Critical thinking and comprehensive understanding to identify and analyse geographical, environmental, political, social, economic and institutional landscape to design location specific livelihoods interventions

2. Skills and techniques to analyse factors affecting the feasibility of a livelihood intervention

3. A holistic approach to project designing that will address immediate and long-term challenges through collaborative and participatory approaches; thus undertake interventions,