Project Profile

Project Title Ericulture for upliftment of socio-economic condition of rural women in tribal villages of Assam
Project Code 2016NA22
Project Status Ongoing
Start Date July 2016
Sponsor(s) Department of Biotechnology
Division Environmental and Industrial Biotechnology

Eri silkworm (Philosamia ricini) has been practiced in Assam from time immemorial in the rural areas particularly by the tribal section. Ericulture is a household activity practiced mainly for protein rich pupae, a delicacy for the tribal. Eri is a multivoltine silk spun from open-ended cocoons and is the only completely domesticated non-mulberry variety. Ericulture is an agro-based cottage industry and can be used as a tool for upliftment of rural economy and therefore called as poor man┬┐s business. The total Eri silk production for the year 2013-14 for the state of Assam was 2612.70 MT. There is scope for enhancing the productivity by way of establishing systematic plantation and scientific rearing of Eri silkworm with quality DFLs (Disease Free Layings i.e. eggs). In this context, TERI would develop grainage facility at the project sites for supply of DFLs to the rearers and promotes Ericulture in 6 villages in Kamrup (M) and Udalguri districts in Assam.