Project Profile

Project Title Inclusion of Climate Smart Agriculture Approaches in existing Agricultural Practices and Capacity Building (MACP project)
Project Code 2016MC06
Project Status Ongoing
Start Date June 2016
Sponsor(s) Maharashtra Agriculture Competitiveness Project

The objective of the assignment is capacity building of Agriculture and Allied Departments' officers and field functionaries to plan and implement Climate Smart Agriculture practices in the state of Maharashtra.
The project has three components viz. (i) Intensification and diversification of market led production; (ii) Improving farmer access to markets by promoting alternative markets and modernizing existing market infrastructure; and (iii) Project coordination and management.
The above would be achieved through revising the `Package of Practices┬┐ followed by the farmers across the state in the light of climatic variations and actively involving the extension officials in the implementation of modern extension projects as advised by TERI.