Project Profile

Project Title Consultancy services for preparation of DPR's, for commissioning of grid connected Solar RTPV projects on the Rooftop of the Government schools/colleges and other government buildings
Project Code 2015EH03
Project Status Ongoing
Start Date March 2016
Sponsor(s) Bangalore Electricity Supply Company

The scope of this programme shall include pre-feasibility analyses of RTPV systems on government buildings using:

simulation tools and Geographical Information Systems (GIS);

preparation of project-wise DPR with techno-economic feasibility (including site analysis, solar irradiation profiles, and financial analysis);

preparation of tender document for appointing agencies/system integrators for design, supply, installation, testing and commissioning of RTPV systems on aforementioned buildings;

evaluation of bids received;

supervision of project execution, commissioning, monitoring, and impact assessment.