Project Profile

Project Title Resource efficient supply chain for metal products in buildings sector in South Asia (METABUILD)
Project Code 2015CE04
Project Status Ongoing
Start Date March 2016
Sponsor(s) European Commission

The project aims at implementing sustainable production processes and practices in 400 SMEs in Bangladesh, Nepal and Sri Lanka involved in the metal products supply chain for the building and construction sector. This SME sector lacks awareness about good and best practices in Resource Efficient Cleaner Production (RECP), knowledge of technical solutions and financial options/capability for RECP equipment. By a combination of awareness generation, individual consultation and capacity building, handholding for implementation, financing and providing linkages with other stakeholders, metal SMEs will be enabled to adopt RECP practices. This will lead to an improvement in their environmental performance and profitability. Improving their resource efficiency will also enable them to cope with limitations in existing infrastructure and at the same time reduce greenhouse gas emissions.