Project Profile

Project Title Characterization and Consolidation of Hippophae Genetic Resources and Propagation of Elite Genotypes for Varietal Evaluation
Project Code 2014NE04
Project Status Ongoing
Start Date August 2014
Sponsor(s) Department of Biotechnology
Division Environmental and Industrial Biotechnology

The main objectives of this project are:

Establishment of localized nurseries of Hippophae accessions for each region for 2 years;

One thousand Hippophae accessions from different regions to be consolidated at germplasm resource centre;

Maintenance of germplasm resource centre;

Descriptor records for fruit characters need to be completed for all the female accessions;

Revival of Hippophae accessions from Uttarakhand;

Standardization of raising soft wood cuttings in nursery;

Genetic diversity analysis of Hippophae at the National level.