Project Profile

Project Title Activities pertaining to implementation of 10 natural draft zig-zag firing demonstration projects in Varanasi Brick cluster
Project Code 2014IE08
Project Status Ongoing
Start Date April 2017
Sponsor(s) Bureau of Energy Efficiency
Division Industrial Energy Efficiency

The purpose of this project is to carry out performance evaluation and prepare self-explanatory and self-contained dissemination material related to 10 natural draft zig-zag (NDZZ) kilns to be demonstrated in the Varanasi brick cluster.

The specific objectives are to: (1) Establish energy performance benchmarks by carrying out pre- and post-detailed energy audits at each of the 10 brick kiln sites, which are adopting NDZZ technology; (2) Prepare self- explanatory and self-contained dissemination material covering all aspects of zig-zag firing and its benefits in the form of case studies and video clippings in both Hindi and English languages; (3) Verify and authenticate successful completion and commissioning of NDZZ demonstration projects in the 10 units.