Project Profile

Project Title Absorbing Aerosols and Fate of the Indian Glaciers – AAFIG
Project Code 2014EE06
Project Status Ongoing
Start Date September 2014
Sponsor(s) Finnish Meteorological Institute
Division Earth Science & Climate Change

The primary objective of this project is to quantify how the amount and properties of absorbing aerosols is affecting the glaciers' mass balance in the Himalayas. The specific objectives are to:

quantify the concentration levels and transport of absorbing aerosols (black carbon) to the Indian Himalayas;

estimate the surface warming and subsequent melting of the Pindari glacier by direct atmospheric forcing and due to surface albedo effects;

estimate the current and future warming potential by aerosols in the Himalayas;

enhance the already existing knowledge transfer and scientific co-operation between Finnish and Indian scientists in the fields of air pollution, climate change and glaciology.