Project Profile

Project Title Coal India CSR project
Project Code 2014DO06
Project Status Ongoing
Start Date January 2015
Sponsor(s) Coal India Limited

India faces a challenging task to develop itself on the trajectory of sustainable development. This would need deployment of resources in a planned manner in the areas of infrastructure, water, sanitation, energy, agriculture, forestry, education, health, skill development, computer literacy, women empowerment and local capacity building. To address these issues at large `The New Companies Act 2013¿ has provided a unique platform to provide multiple solutions to address various issues concerning common man. The CSR provision under the New Act has made provision to spend 2% of the profits by the corporate sector in various developmental programs. The list of activities to be covered has been clearly outlined in The New CSR provision.

To address the larger challenges of development of the community, Coal India Limited, the largest Maharatna Company of India has supported a CSR project for developing 40 villages covering 11500 households in district Purulia of West Bengal under their CSR initiative. The project would cover areas like sanitation, clean energy, forestry based programs, agricultural solutions, creation of knowledge centres along with training and capacity building of the community.

The project will be implemented by The Energy and Resources Institute (TERI). TERI has unique capability to plan, design, and implement large-scale CSR projects. TERI has been implementing various CSR and developmental projects across the country.

The project will address various International frameworks like The Millennium Developmental Goals (MDGs), Sustainable Developmental Goals (SDGs), UN Global Compact Framework etc. along with the CSR provisions mentioned in the New Companies Act 2013.

Overall this project is expected to improve the lifestyles of the community by providing sanitation solutions, clean lighting and cooking solutions, greening and environmental solutions, knowledge creation and local employment generation.

There is a need to fund such large-scale social projects in India by the corporate sector which would improve the socio-economic status of the community and would create value, visibility for all the stakeholders.