Project Profile

Project Title Setting up two 100 kWe gasifier plants for Jute processing in Bihar
Project Code 2013BE09
Project Status Ongoing
Start Date November 2013
Sponsor(s) Punrasar Jute Park Ltd,Rural Electrification Corporation Limited
Division Energy Environment Technology Development

TERI proposes to demonstrate decentralised looming of jute using biomass gasifier based clean power solutions. To demonstrate this concept the project will take initiatives to establish two pilot processing- cum-decentralised jute business service centres with creation of micro entrepreneurs for decentralised jute looming in the target villages Bardrakoti and Amor of Purnea. For the creation of the two centres, two Village Community Co-operatives will be formed with identified members who will be the Member Micro Entrepreneurs (MME) for the proposed decentralised jute looming and for the gasifier plant operation. The two centers will have 36 small jute looming machines (18 each) requiring around 120 kWe (around 60 kWe each) of electricity to operate. The required electricity in the two centres will be provided through a 100 kWe gasifier in each of the two centres utilizing local biomass resources viz. rice husk.