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Project Title Sponsor(s) Start Date
An integrated approach for biofuel production by coupling with microbial-based textile wastewater treatment Department of Science & Technology November 2014
Biohydrogen production from second generation feedstock Department of Biotechnology November 2014
Understanding molecular mechanism of sheath blight resistance in rice Department of Biotechnology October 2014
United Technologies-TERI Center of Excellence for Energy Efficient Buildings in Indian Cities United Technologies Corporation,Multi-Client October 2014
High throughout metagenomic approach for probiotic lactic acid bacteria from camel milk Department of Biotechnology September 2014
Biotechnological interventions for viscosity reduction of petroleum hydrocarbon Department of Biotechnology September 2014
Absorbing Aerosols and Fate of the Indian Glaciers – AAFIG Finnish Meteorological Institute September 2014
Characterization and Consolidation of Hippophae Genetic Resources and Propagation of Elite Genotypes for Varietal Evaluation Department of Biotechnology August 2014
Coping with Climate: Assessing Policies for Climate Change Adaptation and Transport Sector Mitigation in Indian Cities (CLIMATRANS) The Research Council of Norway,Multi Client for INR currency July 2014
Development of Okra varieties resistant to YVMV using marker assisted selection Department of Biotechnology July 2014