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Project Title Sponsor(s) Start Date
Development of microbial consortium capable of profile modification in water/modified water injection wells Oil and Natural Gas Corporation Limited March 2015
Exploring factors that enhance and restrict women’s empowerment through electrification ENERGIA February 2015
Coal India CSR project Coal India Limited January 2015
INDIA: TERI-SDC Partnership: Scaling up Energy Efficient Technologies in Small Enterprises (EESE) Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation December 2014
Toxicity of nano particles against the earthworm and its potential as bio-transformation agent Department of Biotechnology December 2014
Economic Value of Biodiversity Conservation provided by Forest and Agro-forest Ecosystems in Kodagu District SANDEE November 2014
An integrated approach for biofuel production by coupling with microbial-based textile wastewater treatment Department of Science & Technology November 2014
Biohydrogen production from second generation feedstock Department of Biotechnology November 2014
Understanding molecular mechanism of sheath blight resistance in rice Department of Biotechnology October 2014
United Technologies-TERI Center of Excellence for Energy Efficient Buildings in Indian Cities United Technologies Corporation,Multi-Client October 2014