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Ongoing Projects

Project Title Sponsor(s) Start Date
Inter Model Comparisons of different transportation sector policies in India in support of NDC implementation The Shakti Sustainable Energy Foundation October 2016
Life cycle assessment of Hot Mix and Cold Mix technologies for Construction and Maintenance of Rural Roads National Rural Roads Development Agency July 2016
Reduction of Carbon Footprint in Highways Sector Ministry of Road Transport & Highways January 2016
Coping with Climate: Assessing Policies for Climate Change Adaptation and Transport Sector Mitigation in Indian Cities (CLIMATRANS) The Research Council of Norway,Multi Client for INR currency July 2014

completed Projects

Project Title Sponsor(s) End Date
Review of Tariff Guidelines for Ports 2005 Ministry of Shipping February 2014
Pro-poor mobility: Policy guidelines and Case studies UN-Habitat December 2012
Preparation of Toolkits under Sustainable Urban Transport Project of Ministry of Urban Development, Government of India Ministry of Urban Development,Institute of Urban Transport (India) November 2012
Life cycle analysis of transport modes National Transport Development Policy Committee July 2012
Workshop on Ceaner Liquid Fuel and Improved Vehicular Technology The International Council on Clean transport June 2011