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Environmental and Industrial Biotechnology

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Ongoing Projects

Project Title Sponsor(s) Start Date
Hotwiring microbial communities for enhanced unconventional gas production DST-SERI July 2016
Construction and application of recombinant strain of Bacillus subtilis for industrial scale production of a commercially important enzyme alkaline-protease Science and Engineering Research Board May 2016
An ethnobotanical survey of indigenous plants of Assam and Arunachal Pradesh and their pharmacological screening for antiulcer potential Department of Biotechnology April 2016
Orchid bioresources of North-east India – Conservation, database development and information networking Department of Biotechnology March 2016
Development of Fungal Biopesticides from endophytes isolated from medicinal plants Department of Biotechnology December 2015

completed Projects

Project Title Sponsor(s) End Date
DBT Mission for Quality Planting Material Production and Utilization for the North-East: Highlights 2008-11 Department of Biotechnology August 2014
DNA Clubs-DBT-TERI Mentoring the Schools of North-East Department of Biotechnology June 2014
Evaluation of maize genotypes for silicon induced abiotic stress- drought tolerance and revealing the mechanism behind stress tolerance Defence Research & Development Organization January 2014
Bioleaching of heavy metals from spent catalyst used in petroleum refineries and scale-up studies Department of Biotechnology April 2013
Identification and screening for potential biodiesel yielding microalgae from North-East India Department of Biotechnology February 2013