Mr Nitish Arora

Tailored information strategies could solve problems of imperfect information in markets by disclosing the unobserved costs of individual consumption decisions to consumers, says Mr Nitish Arora, Research Associate, Resource Efficiency & Governance Division, TERI.

Mr Nitish Arora

India needs a salient mix of fiscal and information-based instrument to target improvements in energy efficiency, say Mr Nitish Arora, Research Associate and Mr Jonathan D Syiemlieh, Associate Fellow, Resource Efficiency & Governance Division, TERI

Mr Amit Kumar

Undoubtedly, a good policy framework has to have sunset clauses for incentives but withdrawals must also be nuanced and gradual, says Mr Amit Kumar, Senior Director, Rural Energy and Livelihoods Division, TERI.

Mr Karan Mangotra

NRDC, TERI and other partners are working in India to advance strategies that will help keep India cool while protecting its citizens from the impacts of global warming, writes co-author Mr Karan Mangotra, Fellow, Growth, Diversification & Commercialisation, Division, TERI along with Ms Nehmat Kaur, India Consultant and Mr Karan Chouksey, NRDC...

Dr Ajay Mathur

Indian manufacturers of power plant equipment and automobiles need to plan for the scenario in which their domestic and international clients have shifted partially or totally to solar power and electric vehicles, say Dr Umakant Panwar, Director, Centre for Public Policy and Good Governance and Dr Ajay Mathur, Director-General, TERI.

Mr Martand Shardul

Stand-alone lighting products (tubular battery and dry cell based products) have proved to be a credible disrupter of the market for kerosene wick lamps, says Mr Martand Shardul, Associate Fellow, Rural Energy and Livelihoods Division, TERI.

Mr Martand Shardul

Growing population and a rapidly rising demand for electricity in both rural and urban areas, and across sectors, has put an extreme pressure on the ecology. India's existing rules document E-Waste Management Rules, 2016 is the set of rules referred to in most of the solar power tenders for solar projects in India. However, it does not...

Dr G Mini

An impact study supported by the CGIAR Research Program on Climate Change, Agriculture and Food Security (CCAFS) was undertaken by researchers from TERI, to analyse the gender response to the Underground Taming of Floods for Irrigation (UTFI) pilot in Uttar Pradesh, says Dr Mini Govindan, Fellow, Rural Energy and Livelihoods Division, TERI.

Mr Martand Shardul

As the world marks International Youth Day, Mr Martand Shardul, Associate Fellow, Rural Energy and Livelihoods Division, TERI, takes a look at the breach between education and employability.

Dr Syamal Kumar Sarkar

The Uttarakhand court’s judgement is an important step in the right direction for ensuring clean rivers, says Dr S K Sarkar, Distinguished Fellow & Senior Director, Water Resources Division, TERI.