Firm up energy ties with B’desh

India rolled out the red carpet for the prime minister of Bangladesh and prime minister Manmohan Singh was, rightly, lavish both in his praise and promise of opportunities for cooperation between the two countries. Undoubtedly, Bangladesh is a less developed country than India, with a per capita income that is just 60 per cent that of India’s relatively low figure and a ranking of 137 on the human development index compared with India’s marginally better 126.

However, apart from a shared history and culture, Bangladesh is key to India’s ability to access its own resources in the north-eastern states of India as well as those beyond in Myanmar. The fact that India lost out to China in developing and accessing Myanmar’s hydrocarbon resources was well covered by the media. Myanmar also has large hydropower resources of nearly 40,000 mw of which less than 1,000 mw has been developed.

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