Now that's Cricket, Coach

This is a refreshingly honest and absorbing account of a remarkable period in Indian cricket presented by perhaps India's most successful coach. John Wright has, of course, resisted the temptation of glorifying his own role in the success of the team, leaving the reader to draw his own conclusions. The book is well written, and like his own batting as one of New Zealand's best batsmen in recent times, Wright's articulation is elegant and attractive. It is sprinkled with humour and several anecdotes, which make this volume interesting even for those who know little about cricket beyond casual exposure to the extensive TV coverage of the game. Samples of Wright's sense of humour are extensive, such as his account of how after he retired from cricket and took up an uninspiring job in the retail section of a major New Zealand company, he noted, "I discovered I was good at two things: driving a fork lift and hiding from customers." Full Text