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The Railway Board also functions as the Ministry of Railways, leading to a conflict of interest between the regulatory and policy-making bodies. So long as this is not resolved, no ‘authority', be it to monitor tariff or safety, can function effectively, says Mr Shri Prakash, Distinguished Fellow, Sustainable Habitat division, TERI.

In the long run, the country should strive to develop indigenous High Speed Railways technology and manufacturing capacity for rails, rolling stock and signalling system.

Urban India faces equal challenge of housing shortage and increasing energy consumption in homes due to rising aspirations and lifestyles, says Ms Mili Majumdar, Director, Sustainable Habitat, TERI.

Glazing has a large role to play in a building and research has proven that daylight has major positive impact on productivity and human health. On one hand glazing and glass allows us to connect with nature, lets in daylight, facilitates natural ventilation (when left open) and on the other hand also lets in heat which takes a lot of energy...

The entire approach to urban and transport planning and infrastructure needs to be re-looked at from the angles of the problem of inequity, the problem of sprawls and the problem of private motorization, says Akshima Tejas Ghate, Fellow, Sustainable Habitat division, TERI.

Policy makers and local city level governments must take a lead and guide their cities on a path of building resilience, which will simultaneously support ideals of good governance, writes Dr Divya Sharma, Fellow, Sustainable Habitat Division, TERI.

The continually growing economy generates a continuous demand for greater passenger mobility. If the Railways wants to retain and grow its share in that demand, it has to improve its services, says Sarbojit Pal, Associate Fellow, Sustainable Habitat Division, TERI.

Building facade is a significant component in the building envelope in terms of its impact on both comfort and energy use, says D E V S Kiran Kumar, Research Associate, Sustainable Habitat Division, TERI.

We have to view urban and rural areas as complimentary to each other and this should reflect in policies, planning practices and investment decisions, says Dr Divya Sharma, Fellow, Sustainable Habitat Division, TERI.

Amit Tandon, Project Officer, ADaRSH, discusses what goes in the construction of resource efficient buildings.