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Ms Sonia Grover

India generates 61,754 million litres per day (MLD) of sewage, but only 38% of it is treated, and the rest goes untreated into water bodies.

As per the estimates given by the Central Pollution Control Board, 38,791 MLD of wastewater finds...

Ms Sonia Grover

Most of the cities in India are grappling with the issue of demand and supply gap, with their administrations going beyond the city boundaries to lift water from distant sources to meet the rising demand.

On the other hand, these cities...

Ms Sonia Grover

Globally, 50% of workers (1.5 million) work in water-demanding sectors like agriculture and certain industries and almost all jobs in the world depend on water (UN Water 2016). In India, 53% of population is involved in agriculture, the most...