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The draft report on direct taxes of the task force headed by Dr Vijay Kelkar has drawn much undeserved and ill-informed criticism. This is unfortunate, as the report presents a coherent vision of a modern and transparent tax regime and administration, which is simple, equitable and treats tax-paying citizens with dignity.

The most remarkable feature of China's growth in the past two decades has been its ability to set course and stay on it against all odds and eventualities.

Now that the Prime Minister has highlighted the reality of India competing with China, this nation must reflect on the nature of this competition. At no stage must we compete with our neighbour in a spirit of confrontation, but essentially on the basis of mutual respect and also with growing bilateral linkages between us.

Of all the court decisions on infrastructure regulation, perhaps the most significant one in setting at rest the jurisdictional controversy between regulators and the judiciary, is the Supreme Court judgement of 3 October 2002 which has laid down important principles for regulatory governance.

Indian refineries will have to move towards stringent product specifications to meet emission standards. And the Mashelkar Committee has drawn up a roadmap to achieve this. According to it, refineries will have two main technical options for Octane Number improvement, which has to be significantly increased.